20th Armored DIVISION

Activated 15 Mar 1943  •  Entered Combat 24 Apr 1945  •  Days of Combat 8  •  Casualties 186


Commanding General

Maj. Gen. Stephen G. Henry   (Feb 43 - Oct 43) 
Maj. Gen. Roderick R. Allen   (Oct 43 - Sep 44) 
Maj. Gen. Orlando Ward   (Sep 44 - Aug 45) 
Maj. Gen. John W. Leonard   (Aug 45 - inactivation)


Central Europe (22 Mar 45 - 11 May 45)

Campaign Map of the 20th Armored Division


This campaign map shows the route of the 20th Armored Division throughout Europe during World War II.  This chart is available for purchase at HistoryShots.com.



Division Chronicle

The 20th Armored Division arrived at Le Havre, France, 16 February 1945. After training at Buchy, it moved through, Belgium to Langendernbach, Germany, 10 April. At Marktbreit, the Division was attached to the III Corps; 20 April. Three days later, it was detached and reassigned to the XV Corps, Seventh Army, at Wurzburg, Germany. Elements of the Division first saw action as Task Force Campbell when a false surrender by the enemy resulted in fighting in the town of Dorf, 25 April. The Division assembled near Deiningen and reconnoitered for routes to the Danube. The Danube was crossed, 28 April, the 20th meeting sporadic resistance. Elements seized the bridge over the Paar River at Schrobenhausen and secured crossings over the Ilm River. The 20th attacked Munich, 29 April, smashing the fanatical opposition of the SS barracks and Antitank School, and capturing the city the next day. The Division crossed the Inn River at Wasserburg, 3 May, entered Traunstein, 4 May, and was moving toward Salzburg when it received word that hostilities would cease in Europe.

Assignments to Higher Units

29 January 1945 Fifteenth Army, 12th Army Group.
3 April 1945 XXII Corps. 
7 April 1945 Fifteenth Army, 12th Army Group, but attached to First Army, 12th Army Group.
12 April 1945 First Army, 12th Army Group.
19 April 1945 III Corps, Third Army, 12th Army Group.
23 April 1945 XV Corps, Seventh Army, 6th Army Group.

Notes and sources:
Date Activated is the date the division was activated or inducted into federal service (national guard units).
Casualties are number of killed, wounded in action, captured, and missing.
The dates after the campaign name are the dates of the campaign not of the division.
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