16th Armored DIVISION

Activated 15 Jul 1943  •  Entered Combat 5 May 1945•  Days of Combat 3  •  Casualties 32


Commanding General

Maj. Gen. Douglass T. Greene   (Jul 43 - Aug 44) 
Brig. Gen. John L. Pierce   (Sep 44 - inactivation)


Central Europe (22 Mar 45 - 11 May 45)

Campaign Map of the European Theater


Division Chronicle

The 16th Armored Division arrived in France, 11 February 1945, and was attached to the Third Army. It was given a security and training mission at Nurnberg, Germany, beginning 28 April. One of its component units, the 23d Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (mechanized), was relieved of security duty and attached to the 86th Division. While under the control of that organization, it crossed the Isar River at Granek, 30 April, advanced to Indorf, seizing several small villages, and was driving toward Wasserburg against slight resistance when ordered to return to Nurnberg. When the 23d Cavalry Squadron arrived at Nurnberg, 4 May, it reverted to the control of the 16th Armored. The Division proceeded to Waidhaus, Germany, 5 May and launched an attack on Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, on the neat day, winning that city against scattered and sporadic resistance. The 7th and 8th of May were spent in mopping up activities and patrolling. The capture of the famous beer and munitions city marked the deepest point of American penetration into Czechoslovakia.

Notes and sources:
Date Activated is the date the division was activated or inducted into federal service (national guard units).
Casualties are number of killed, wounded in action, captured, and missing.
The dates after the campaign name are the dates of the campaign not of the division.
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